Schwenke y Nilo en Curicó

Schwenke y Nilo en Curicó.
Concierto y presentación del libro “Leyenda del Sur” de Rodrigo Pincheira.

Miércoles 15 de diciembre
Centro de Extensión UCM
20:00 Hrs.
Entrada liberada

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Una Respuesta a Schwenke y Nilo en Curicó

  1. Rafael dijo:

    Thanks for the great reminder and for sniharg your story. We all should keep gratitude journals. I used to feel like I was focusing on all the negative things, and it really influenced my life. Then a change came from within. I decided there is positive in the world and I am going to find it. When I opened my eyes and heart, I realized I had blinders on before and there is so much in life to be thankful for. I started a gratitude journal to remind me of all the things. Doing this simple act daily has really changed my world.

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